Top Five Ways to Amaze the Tooth Fairy

5 Ways to Surprise the Tooth Fairy

You probably lost a tooth and are excited for the Tooth Fairy’s visit! It’s definitely a special time because you know that when you wake up in the morning, you’ll have a surprise waiting for you.

I bet you didn’t know that you can also surprise the Tooth Fairy! As you probably know, the Tooth Fairy goes around many houses collecting teeth. She doesn’t ask for anything in return but you can still make her visit magical. Here are five fun things you can do:

  • Brush your teeth.
  • Before you go to bed, make sure that your teeth are clean by brushing and flossing. When the Tooth Fairy visits, she will know whether you have been taking care of your teeth or not. If she finds out that you haven’t cleaned your teeth, she might feel sad and leave. So make it a habit to brush your teeth every day. 

  • Prepare a small container for your fallen tooth.
  • The Tooth Fairy knows to look for your tooth under your pillow, but why not make it a little easier for her? You can create a little box using a cardboard. Or you can make a teeny tiny pouch out of spare clothes. This way, the Tooth Fairy will immediately find your tooth and it will help her accomplish her task faster. Just make sure to ask for help from your parents or older siblings. 

  • Make sure your room is tidy.
  • Sometimes, the Tooth Fairy gets distracted by a messy bedroom. She might even get lost among all the toys and clothes scattered on the floor. To make the Tooth Fairy’s visit a little more pleasant, be sure to tidy up your room. Place your toys in their proper shelves and containers. When the Tooth Fairy sees that your room is clean and spotless, she will be so impressed!

  • Write a letter to the Tooth Fairy.
  • Don’t forget to thank the Tooth Fairy for her gift and for taking the time to deliver it to you! Show her how much you appreciate her by writing a special letter or making a thank you card. You can tell her all the ways that you’ve taken care of your tooth, and even all the acts of kindness you have done during the week. The Tooth Fairy will surely be delighted to know these things. 

  • Draw a magical picture.
  • Another idea to make the Tooth Fairy’s visit memorable is to surprise her with a picture that you drew yourself! It can be simple or colorful, it can be a drawing of your family, your pets, or even the Tooth Fairy—it’s up to you! The Tooth Fairy will appreciate it no matter what, as long as you made an effort to make her happy.

    These are all the things you can do to make the Tooth Fairy’s visit as exciting for her as it is for you. You can choose one or even all of them! Who knows—your next present might be even more special! Have fun! 

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