Are Tooth Fairies Angels?

It’s not every day that you wake up with a surprise from the tooth fairy. Whether it’s money or other wonderful treats and goodies, I bet you can’t wait to see what the tooth fairy has in store for you!

The tooth fairy is a magical being. When you lose a tooth, the tooth fairy knows it! And when you place the tooth under your pillow, the tooth fairy will visit you as you sleep, collect the tooth, and leave you goodies in exchange! Most kids receive coins, some are given sweets, but in some very special cases, the tooth fairy grants you a wish! What would you wish for if you were given the chance?

Are tooth fairies really angels?

Have you ever wondered if tooth fairies are actually angels? Tooth fairies, like angels, are said to have the loveliest pair of wings that let them fly through your window to visit you. They are both powerful beings and they are messengers of joy and goodness on earth. They remind us that life is full of magic and mystery. It is even said that sometimes, when delivering a task or a message from God, angels take the shape of other beings. Could they also take the shape of tooth fairies?

There are differences between them too. As you probably know, angels live in heaven. They have the most enchanting voices; they sing and play their harps. They comfort us when we feel sad. They are tasked by God to deliver good tidings and, like our guardian angels, they protect us from danger and guide us to do the right thing.

As for tooth fairies, they don’t live in heaven. Instead, they are beings of the earth like you, and they live in a vast, glimmering castle. They are said to carry a wand and a bag of fairy dust which help them perform magic. So don’t be surprised when you wake up and see a sparkle of dust on your pillow!

The tooth fairy’s task is simple: she collects the teeth that children have hidden under their pillow and, in return, leave them exciting surprises. The tooth fairy inspects every tooth, so even before they fall, you better make sure that your teeth are as healthy and clean as they can be. If they’re not, she might not leave you any goodies! Tooth fairies leave us presents that we can share with others as well, much like James in the story “Ariam and the Magical Toothies.”

Why are the tooth fairies and angels important?

While angels watch over us and encourage us to always be kind, and to take care of ourselves and other people, tooth fairies teach us the importance of caring for our teeth. They remind us that even when we lose something, there might be something else that’s waiting to be found!

What do you think, dear readers? Are tooth fairies really angels? I can’t tell you the answer, but whichever you choose to believe, you can be sure that they bring happiness to every child they visit. They bring out the magic in our lives and make our days extraordinary! 


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