Where does the Tooth Fairy live?

Have you ever wondered where the Tooth Fairy lives? At night, after she’s visited you and collected your tooth, do you wonder where she goes to sleep and spend her days?

It is true that the Tooth Fairy is fond of flying around and spending time with nature. She likes visiting gardens, dancing around on her tippy toes, even accidentally leaving fairy dust on the grass. She finds joy in lying among the flowers. She can often be found lying right on top of a blossom or sometimes curled inside a flower bud. She even falls asleep there sometimes, especially when the weather is nice and the warmth of the sun drapes over her like a blanket. But when it’s time for her to make the journey back home after a long night of visiting little children, where does she go? What does her home look like?

The Tooth Fairy and Her Pearly White Castle

Where does the Tooth Fairy live?

Well, it’s not easy to give you directions to her house because it’s not on any map! It’s located in a magical place. Some humans have tried to visit her by following a trail of glittering fairy dust that she accidentally leaves on the ground! But they are not often successful. You might still need wings to get there—or the ability to teleport!

You see, the Tooth Fairy lives in a big, beautiful, white castle. It is huge, with towers that are taller than the trees around it. It is surrounded by a deep moat filled with water and a drawbridge that she rarely uses because she is able to fly into the castle without much trouble. It is a place of magic and wonder. She keeps it clean for when friends like Jack Frost or Santa Claus pays her a visit. They play games and she shows them around, proudly showing off her teeth collection and telling them the memories attached to each tooth and its owner.

What is her castle made of?

Now this castle is quite different from anything you may have seen before. It is not made of straw or wood or bricks. At first, it might seem to you like it’s made of pearls. It’s not—it’s made of teeth! After she collects children’s lost teeth, she rifles through her collection to choose the best ones. Right now, there’s a new wing of the castle that’s being built, all thanks to your tooth!

But of course, like any builder, she chooses the teeth carefully. She especially likes the ones that are clean and strong. This is because unhealthy teeth won’t make a good foundation. Teeth with holes will let the winds in and won’t protect her during storms. If she chooses a tooth with cavity, her house will collapse!

She is extra grateful to children who take good care of their teeth. In fact, she rewards them greatly by giving them fantastic treats or a lot of coins. So, remember to brush your teeth every day and floss regularly to keep your pearly whites healthy and clean!

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